Ready to run HO scale 1:87 DC (analogue) DCC decoder can be fitted
Colourful paint and lettering schemes
Fully assembled
Use with any HO Scale train set
Body-mounted Kadee magnetic knuckle couplers
RP-25 metal wheels

We recommend the following curves to run 8 fixed coupled driving wheel loco's

and use long turnouts for trouble free train control
ST235, 00/H0 Peco Setrack Code 100, Curve radius 572mm, angle 22.5º(R4) Dark Green

ST231, 00/H0 Peco Setrack Code 100, Curve radius 505mm, angle 45º(R3) Light Green

South African Class 25NC 4-8-4 No 3454 BI EBING

Caption - Bloemfontein Loco Shed sees a visit from Kimberley allocated “Bi Ebing” SAR 25NC 4-8-4 3454. Note the twin chimneys side by side. This loco was a very late attempt to develop steam in South Africa and inherited some of the improvements used on the "Red Devil".

Class 25NC no. 3454 B.I. Ebing

Modifications on this locomotive consisted mainly of equipping it with a dual Lempor exhaust system and extending its smoke deflectors upwards and curved around the smokebox. In order to save the cost of extending the smokebox, the chimneys were installed side by side instead of in tandem like on the earlier Wardale locomotives. Apart from the blastpipe and chimneys, no other modifications were incorporated.

The modified no. 3454 was put to work in February 1985. Results, as reported by locomotive crews and shed staff, were noticeable savings in coal and water consumption when compared to a standard Class 25NC, although the amounts were never quantified. The locomotive was also noticeably more sure-footed than the Class 26, which tended to slip every time it started.

SAR Class 25NC No 3454 "BI EBING"

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